Pangula Mannamurna Aboriginal Corporation is committed to improving Aboriginal health with  Aboriginal culture forming the basis of all business. Pangula Mannamurna Aboriginal Corporation continues contributing to strengthening Aboriginal culture and strengthening Aboriginal culturally respectful skills of all staff so that Aboriginal clients receive quality and improved holistic health services. The “Message Sticks” form the basis of culture here in Boandik country and across the Limestone Coast – South East of South Australia.

The Message Sticks are symbols, practices, processes and ways of being and are about maintaining and strengthening Aboriginal culture and cultural identity across the Limestone Coast. The Message Sticks concept will provide the framework for the services offered by PMAC as the cultural foundation to improve all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and social and emotional wellbeing.

Aboriginal culture underpins every level of work the Board, staff and volunteers undertake at Pangula Mannamurna.

The way Aboriginal culture is expressed in the South East is through a process using the three Message Sticks.

Ceremony & Talk
Rules for living, building relationships, yarning

Hunt & Gather
Culture, partners, programs and case management

Song & Dance
Recognising milestones

The message sticks are in the ‘Yuki’.

The Healing Circles reflect the message sticks
and are the basis of how we conduct all our business.