Pangula Mannamurna is located in Mount Gambier, the land of the Boandik people.  Culture and language are being revitalized, and our name Pangula Mannamurna comes from the Bunganditj language.  Pangula means place where a Doctor or Healer can be found and Mannamurna means joining hands. Together Pangula Mannamurna is a place where you would find Healing and where we work in partnership with others to address health and wellbeing issues.  Pangula Mannamurna is contributing to strengthening Aboriginal culture across the region the Healing Circles work.

Pangula is well positioned to provide a range of programs and services; however keeping in with our name we also need strong partnerships with other agencies with expertise to address other areas of unmet need.  Building on and developing new partnerships will be achieved through focusing on those agencies who share our vision and purpose who want to work with us for the benefit of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the Limestone Coast, and who assist us to be more effective and efficient in what we do.

In 2014, Pangula Mannamurna celebrated the anniversary of the first 10 years.  These foundational years set the strong foundation for the future.  Our strong foundations contain policies, procedure and practices to ensure quality and safety in all of our work.  Going forward we anticipate expanding the range of services.

The “one stop shop” vision of the founding families who set up Pangula Mannamurna was about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people having access to health and wellbeing services either on site, or through effective referrals. The vision also included a safe place for community to visit and stay connected to others.  The vision is still alive and continues to inform our work today and into the future.